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NFST Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

NFST Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

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Product model:

Product time: 2022-04-28

Brief description: 

Product Introduction:

NFST integrated sewage treatment equipment is a terminal sewage treatment equipment developed for the current domestic sewage treatment and treatment, and the construction of beautiful villages. In the practical application, we should proceed from the actual situation, adapt to local conditions, fully consider different location conditions, population density and living environment improvement needs, adopt the combination of "centralized treatment + decentralized treatment" treatment mode, adopt the combined process of physicochemical + biochemical + ecological process as the main process, and configure a variety of different process routes to meet the needs of different working conditions. High-tech products that meet different effluent quality standards.


Product parameters:

Single processing capacity :5-500m3/d

Material: Carbon steel, fiberglass, stainless steel


Equipment features:

Local conditions: 1. A variety of materials, a variety of Settings 2. Combined process to meet the customization needs of different projects.

Integrated manufacturing: 1. Process integration, modular equipment 2. Standardized products, short construction cycle

Energy saving: 1. Intermittent operation of power equipment 2. Fan linkage control

Power equipment: 1. Independent research and development production test 2. One use one standby to ensure emergency treatment

Intelligent platform: 1. Online water quality monitoring, real-time control of equipment operating status 2.PLC automatic control system, unattended 3. Excessive warning, remote monitoring.

Scope of application:

Rural domestic sewage:

Such as villages, market towns, sanatoriums, tourist attractions, mountains and so on

Urban sewage:

Such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, institutions, schools, hospitals and so on

Public Facilities:

Such as highways, railways, industrial parks, mines and so on

Comprehensive industrial organic wastewater with similar water quality to domestic sewage

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