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NFX pipe network stacked box pump station

NFX pipe network stacked box pump station

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Product model: NFX

Product Date: 2013-03-01

Brief description: Advanced pressure equipment composed of the latest performance PID variable frequency control system and 2 pumps in parallel, suitable for residential water, public places, manufacturing, etc.


Core advantage:

(1) Four features: to solve the municipal low water pressure, constant outlet operating pressure, small flow pressure, low energy saving operating costs

(2) Six protection: overheat protection, water shortage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, low pressure protection, overpressure double protection

(3) Eight details: IP55 protection level of control cabinet, the latest PID algorithm, one-to-one frequency conversion, advanced hardware configuration, water cutting process, precision devices, all stainless steel flow parts, each pump can be independently maintained

(4) Five advantages: waterproof, dustproof, heat insulation, noise reduction, ventilation

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