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SS High-efficiency Silent Water Pump

SS High-efficiency Silent Water Pump

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Product model:

Product time: 2022-04-27

Brief description:

Product description:

Ss-series is A stainless steel multistage vertical multistage centrifugal pump specially developed for the water industry. The product has been optimized by CFD performance, vibration and noise reduction analysis and new industrial design, and the energy efficiency has reached the industry benchmark level, and the vibration and noise meet the national A-level standards. The product has the characteristics of ultra-high efficiency, ultra-quiet, compact structure, easy maintenance, high reliability, beautiful appearance and so on.


Technical parameter:

Flow rate: 2.5m ³ /h~80m ³ /h

Head: 4m~240m

Power: 0.75kw~15kw

Liquid temperature: -15~70 ℃

Frequency: 25-50Hz frequency conversion


Scope of application:

SS series is a special product for the water industry, which can meet the urban water supply requirements of different flows and pressures, such as high-rise building water supply, building pressurization, water purification treatment and other occasions, and can also be applied to food, pharmaceutical and other industries with higher health requirements.

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