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The Water Supply Equipment Of The Non-negative Pressure Pressurized Pumping Station

The Water Supply Equipment Of The Non-negative Pressure Pressurized Pumping Station

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Product model: NFWD

Product Date: 2022-04-06

Brief description:

The water supply equipment of the non-negative pressure pressurized pumping station can make full use of the inlet pipe network pressure, and the overall design adopts a systematic integrated structure, which can avoid secondary pollution of water quality, save investment, save energy and other advantages. With the acceleration of the development of modern cities and towns, the construction of smart water and sponge cities, the municipal water supply pressure is gradually increasing, and only the traditional pressure pumping station can not meet the requirements of users on water pressure, and the construction of regional pipe network secondary pressure pumping station is to solve the problem, and its advantages have become increasingly obvious.


Intelligent non-negative pressure pressurized pump station This product is suitable for urban, township, rural and other production and domestic water supply equipment of medium and large tap water pressurized pump station

1. Operation principle of central control system: The system detects the outlet pressure through the outlet pressure sensor of the equipment, compares the detected value with the user's water pressure setting value, calculates the pressure value that needs to be increased, determines the number of pumps put in and the output frequency of the inverter, and constantly monitors the outlet pressure and adjusts the speed of the pump to meet the water consumption curve to achieve the purpose of constant pressure water supply.

2. Operation principle of auxiliary control system (core technology) : When the central control system runs normally, the auxiliary control acts as a data storage center to assist in recording the operation data of the equipment, and sends PG signals in real time through a dedicated communication interface to monitor the internal operation status of the central control system, including system scanning period, data transmission distortion, pressure data auxiliary display, etc. When the data of the central control system is abnormal or the system is paralyzed, the auxiliary control system will automatically put into operation to ensure uninterrupted water supply, and the equipment will enter the early warning state. When the central control system returns to normal, the early warning state will be automatically lifted and the equipment will return to normal operation.

3. Safe mode operation principle: when the system monitors that the municipal inlet pressure reaches the set pressure low limit, the equipment enters the safe operation mode, which is divided into three levels of pressure safety mode operation state: one level of pressure low limit, equipment frequency reduction operation; Two level pressure low limit, equipment cut pump operation; Three-level pressure low limit, the equipment stops running, protecting the municipal pipe network from negative pressure.


All the flow pipes are made of food-grade stainless steel 304 pipes, and the welding materials are all food-grade stainless steel 316 materials, high quality material selection, to ensure that the service life of the equipment is longer. It has a perfect product system such as CDL series multi-stage centrifugal pump, TD series pipeline circulation pump, NSC series open pump, etc.

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