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VTC Series Vertical Long Shaft Centrifugal Pump

VTC Series Vertical Long Shaft Centrifugal Pump

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Product model:

Product Date: 2022-05-25

Brief description:

Technical parameter

Flow range: 15 ~ 5800 (m ³ /h)

Lift range: 10 ~ 300m

Ambient temperature: -4 ~ 65 ℃


Scope of application

Industrial circulating water replenishment, deep Wells, reservoirs, river embankment water lifting, long distance, high lift water transmission, hydropower station maintenance drainage and leakage, iron and steel plant oxidation pit water, petrochemical circulating water, hydraulic engineering and municipal engineering


Product description

The suction inlet goes straight down and the spit outlet extends horizontally. According to the form of foundation, it can produce the long-shaft pump with single foundation and double foundation structure. According to the axial thrust division, both the pump to withstand the axial thrust structure, and the motor to withstand the axial thrust structure. According to the form of the rotor, not only the rotor can not be pumped structure, but also can produce pumping core structure. The impeller can be made into one or multiple stages. High head long shaft pump has our own invention of a unique structure, secondary impeller post-structure, the same flow under different head combination structure, stuffing box at the unique pressure relief structure. The standard seals are packing seals. Water is drawn by suction tanks or directly from rivers and oceans.


Pump shaft seal for the vast majority of packing structure, but also can be used packed mechanical seal structure, water guide bearings can be based on user requirements, using a variety of configurations, standard configuration for PTFE and rubber guide bearings, seawater ordinary configuration for Sielong guide bearings, high-grade configuration for AR bearings and ceramic bearings. The lubrication of the water guide bearing can be determined according to the water quality, the water quality can be directly lubricated by the water of the pump body itself, if there are particles or sand shafts in the water quality, the protection pipe can be set, and the clean industrial water can be lubricated the water guide bearings to extend the service life of the bushing and bearings


The high efficiency area of the long-axis pump is wide, the vibration is small, it is not easy to produce cavitation image, and the pump group runs stably and is not easy to fail

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