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XBD-CDL Series Fire Pump Group

XBD-CDL Series Fire Pump Group

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Product model:

Product Date: 2022-06-08

Brief description:

XBD-CDL series fire pump group is designed and manufactured by the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the main flow parts of this series of pump group are made of stainless steel material, so the pump is not used for a long time nor can it be started due to rust, which can greatly save the maintenance cost for pump to prevent rust, and the use of modular mechanical seal, reliable use, easy maintenance, It has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, compact structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, easy installation, corrosion resistance, long maintenance cycle and service life. This product is produced in strict accordance with the national standard GB6245 "fire pump", and the motor is an air-cooled bipolar standard motor.


The pump is mainly suitable for industrial and civil high-rise building fixed fire system (fire extinguishing system, automatic spray fire extinguishing system, water spray fire extinguishing system and fire pressure regulation system, etc.) water supply, also suitable for municipal, industrial and mining, boiler water supply and condensate system, water treatment system, filtration system, industrial plant cleaning and car cleaning industry.


Equipment features: 

Reliable use, easy maintenance

 Smooth operation, low noise

Compact structure and beautiful appearance

Easy to install, light corrosion resistance

Long maintenance cycle and service life

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