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NFIH Integrated Intelligent Standard Pump House

NFIH Integrated Intelligent Standard Pump House

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Product model: NFIH

Product time: 2022-03-01

Brief description: pump house construction new standard, science and technology operation and maintenance new concept.


NFIH integrated intelligent standard pump house through the integration of "modular" concept, in the plant to complete the design, production, commissioning and a series of work, pump house construction site only need to do reinforced concrete foundation, equipment after entering the water can be normal operation, integrated model to meet the demand for water supply.


Product characteristics

  1. Integration
  2. Modularity
  3. Intelligence
  4. High efficiency

Nine system equipment integration:

Pressurized water supply system, waterlogging and drainage system, low-voltage power distribution system, environmental monitoring system, water quality monitoring system, security monitoring system,

Remote monitoring system, operation and maintenance management system, six protective shells.

Factory: a smart water supply pump room;

Site: one foundation, one hoisting, three types of connection (water, electricity, network), you can complete the pump house construction.


Six protective shells

1. Stainless steel stamping plate

2. Air circulation layer

3. Heat insulation tin film

4. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton

5. Dust and insect proof non-woven fabric.

6. Sound absorption perforated aluminum plate

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