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NFJX Landscape Variable Frequency Water Supply Equipment

NFJX Landscape Variable Frequency Water Supply Equipment

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Product model: NFJX

Product Date: 2022-04-06

Brief description:

NFJX landscape variable frequency water supply equipment is reliable, energy-saving, lightweight, short construction period: Landscape water supply equipment as a new secondary water supply mode, can directly use municipal residual pressure superimposed operation, with good land saving, energy saving, no pollution and other characteristics; The construction period is short, the investment is low, and it can also be adapted to the temporary water supply, which has been widely used in the transformation of the water supply system in the old and old urban areas.


NFJX landscape variable frequency water supply equipment integrates the design concept of urban landscape facilities

1. Highly integrated

Perfect integration of mechanical and electrical control, all functions of secondary water supply equipment:

2. light machine

Compared with the conventional water supply equipment of the same power, the weight is reduced by 30%, the volume is reduced by 44%, and the area is less than 1㎡;

3. Optimize control

Full frequency multistage backup, double closed-loop vector control optimization algorithm of frequency and torque accurately control intelligent anti-vibration constant speed operation.

4. Function expansion

Free protection function to meet the needs of water supply: Support the mainstream fieldbus protocol to achieve one-stop multi-terminal transport monitoring integration solution.

5. Energy saving and consumption reduction

Through the pump curve analysis, efficiency allocation algorithm and full load self-diagnosis function, the efficiency of the whole machine is increased by more than 20% compared with the conventional water supply equipment.

6. safe and reliable

The protection level of the box reaches IP54, the built-in temperature and humidity regulation device, the standard international brand industrial high quality devices, to adapt to all kinds of complex operating conditions.

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