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NFPS Integrated Prefabricated Pump Station

NFPS Integrated Prefabricated Pump Station

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Product model: NFPS

Product date: 2020-11-30

Abstract: With the acceleration of national infrastructure construction and urbanization process, traditional concrete pumping stations can not meet the market demand for automatic collection and promotion of sewage, rainwater, industrial wastewater, etc., integrated precast pumping station came into being. Buried underground, does not destroy the overall environmental planning, intelligent automatic control, no need for special duty operation.


Application scenario:

(1) The liquid temperature is less than 40℃, and the PH is between 4 and 10

(2) Collection and transportation of sewage in living quarters or rural communities

(3) Collection and transportation of sewage from urban sewage treatment plants

(4) Collection and transportation of rainwater in low-lying urban areas

(5) Construction and transformation of municipal sewage network and old pumping station

(6) Water circulation in lakes


Core advantage:

Factory standardized prefabrication, short construction cycle, directly put into use

The construction cost is small and the floor area is small

GRP cylinder has high strength, good anti-corrosion effect and a service life of 60 years

Unattended, remote monitoring and management, low maintenance costs

Application of four safety design concepts of construction safety, operation safety, maintenance safety and environmental safety 

Production bases all over the country, high production capacity, fast production, low cost

Professional pump station design, professional pump station installation guidance, professional pump station after-sales service


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