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The Fifth Generation NFWG (no negative pressure) Frequency Conversion Water Supply Equipment

The Fifth Generation NFWG (no negative pressure) Frequency Conversion Water Supply Equipment

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Product model: NFWG

Product Date: 2014-06-01

Brief description: Mainly used for occasions where municipal pressure is sufficient, directly connected to the municipal pipe network superimposed pressure, suitable for residential water, public places, manufacturing and so on.


Product features:

Fully automatic operation unattended

Adjust the water pressure to be constant

Superimposed operation, energy saving effect is remarkable

Safe operation without negative pressure

Health and safety

Longer service life

Technical features:


1. intelligent three core speed frequency conversion controller

Top speed: Independently developed, running speed can reach microsecond level.

High efficiency: depth analysis of each pump to ensure that the pump is always running at an efficient point.

Intelligent: Powerful data analysis function, real-time analysis, automatic adjustment to the running state, to achieve PC, mobile phone, IPAD and other terminal equipment remote monitoring function.

Energy saving: three core speed constant pressure no negative pressure PID control technology, energy saving effect is more obvious.

Beautiful: Equipped with industrial high resolution color touch screen, beautiful interface, easy to operate.

2. imported Siemens SMART PLC control system

Flexible: Modify the program at any time according to special needs, greatly improving the flexibility of the equipment

Expansion: no need to build peripheral modules to expand the function, the transformation cost is lower, better compatibility

Adaptability: Strong non-standard adaptability, customized design for different customer requirements, to meet differentiated needs

3. Remote monitoring

Standard RS485 remote monitoring interface: Each set of equipment is standard equipped with a reserved RS485 interface, standard MODBUS communication protocol, easy monitoring, to provide more data support for the arrival of the era of big data.

Remote monitoring cloud platform: secondary water supply equipment dispatching cloud platform, through the comprehensive collection and analysis of all kinds of equipment data, business collaborative processing, to achieve a unified network of secondary water supply equipment 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, configuration, operation management, emergency command.

Multi-platform access: Internet browser (support IE kernel, Web kit kernel, Blink kernel), Android phone or tablet, I0S phone or tablet can run

Data permanent storage: Data cloud storage, lifetime preservation of queries.

Big data intelligent analysis: cloud data analysis, optimize equipment operation curve, improve operation efficiency.

Smart city centralized management equipment: precise location positioning, centralized management of 10,000 devices.

Equipment operation status prediction: integration of intelligent interconnection technology, regular maintenance information.

Strong compatibility: Support access to third-party water quality monitoring equipment.

Security: multi-level permission account, zoning management, more convenient water company construction and management and daily management of property companies.

4. high precision instrument

 5. Control cabinet

Industrial special control cabinet, protection level IP30-IP54 optional, suitable for various market conditions.

6. option expansion, precise customization

According to the different needs of customers, we can add liquid level meter, energy meter, by-pass, water inlet and outlet flexible joint, flow meter, filter, shock absorber, reverse flow prevention device, sterilizer, water quality monitoring and purification equipment and other accessories, and can also be tailored to the unique needs of customers.

 7. Water quality monitoring

According to statistics of relevant agencies, 80% of human diseases are related to improper drinking water, drinking clean (water turbidity) has a certain hardness (ca2+ calcium ions) and contains a certain amount of dissolved solids (conductivity) PH value of alkaline tap water, good for human health.

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