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ZS(H/G/X) series of intelligent variable frequency water supply equipment

ZS(H/G/X) series of intelligent variable frequency water supply equipment

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Product model: zshgx

Product Date: 2022-04-06

Scope of application: water dispatching, residential water, commercial water supply, public water supply, industrial water, vegetation water, public transportation water supply.


ZS(H/G/X) series of intelligent variable frequency water supply equipment technical features

The technology used makes water use more energy efficient

1Adaptive water supply mode switching technology

In the face of different water inlet pressure changes, the adaptive water supply mode is switched, and the active municipal water supply and water tank water supply are switched, and the passive water inlet pressure and water tank low water level are forced to self-adapt to meet the stable application requirements of water supply equipment in multiple scenarios.

Note: The technology of ZSX series intelligent tank type superposition frequency conversion water supply equipment

2, small flow hibernation and pressure retention technology

Based on the flow prediction model established by relevant conditions such as continuous constant pressure time, running frequency and running current, the system can determine the situation of small flow or unmanned water use in time and carry out active trial and passive mandatory hibernation to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The large-capacity air pressure tank is configured to buffer the hammer force while increasing the pressure holding time, reducing the frequent start and stop times of the pump to further achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

3, vector full frequency anti-shake control technology

One-to-one vector frequency conversion operation, multi-level backup, intelligent soft switching, full flow speed regulation, independent analysis of energy consumption data, automatic inspection of low-frequency status, automatic adjustment and optimization of equipment operation mode; It can effectively alleviate the fluctuation of the power grid during the start and stop of the pump frequency, and can obtain instantaneous power saving; At the same time, the pressure in the process of increasing and decreasing the pump is smooth and the jitter is reduced, so that the user experience is better.

4, full frequency segment efficiency balancing technology

Based on the selection software, the optimal pump selection is determined, the optimal flow range of the pump is analyzed, and the pump curve is introduced. The frequency and torque closed-loop control under the dual DSP architecture, adaptive control characteristics, VF multi-point control speed regulation are adopted, and efficiency optimization is carried out by fuzzy algorithm to achieve constant torque safe operation and energy saving and consumption reduction of multiple pumps.



ZS(H/G/X) series of intelligent variable frequency water supply equipment product advantages

The technical and mechanical design used makes the quality more reliable and stable

1, high efficiency and energy saving pump

The overall reconstruction of the hydraulic model, the energy saving index MEI20.7 meets the EU long-term standard, the noise meets the GB/T 29529 standard A requirements, the vibration meets the GB/T29531 standard A requirements, high efficiency, ultra-quiet.

 2, high-precision instrument

Using the international brand pressure sensor + pressure switch of electrical and mechanical combined pressure protection, the ultimate pressure capacity of more than 10MPa effectively prevents water hammer impact, and the detection accuracy of more than 5%o effectively ensures the stability of water supply operation.

 3, high strength base

The base of the high-strength channel steel frame structure is constructed with vertical and horizontal support beams up and down and left and right, and through the manufacturing process of full overlap splicing and full welding of the contact line, the use strength is ensured, and the weight of the water supply equipment can be borne more than 5 times for a long time to ensure no bending deformation.

 4, high standard technology

After mirror polishing and other surface modification of the pipeline, the grain refinement is achieved, the surface roughness Ra is less than one thousandth of the hair, and the fatigue life is several times higher than that of similar products. Laser cutting + fish scale automatic pipeline welding, single-side welding double-side molding process to ensure product quality reliability and stability.

 5, high protective shell

Semi-clad sheet metal cover, with hidden cable layout, the overall structure is more compact, and the protection of the core device is more effective.



ZS(H/G/X) series of intelligent variable frequency water supply equipment product advantages

Detailed data management makes operation and maintenance more convenient and intelligent

1, support all mainstream industrial protocols, and have full network access capabilities, including broadband, local area network, WIFI, 3G/4G wireless, VPN private network, etc., to ensure the convenience of data collection.

2Integrated data local storage, time-sharing upload, breakpoint continuation, remote debugging functions to ensure smooth data transmission.

3, the use of distributed collection and storage, rapid modeling, data compression technology, to ensure the efficiency of data processing.

4, the use of big data analysis and multi-channel fault self-diagnosis technology to achieve active early warning, real-time interaction between data monitoring center and after-sales operation and maintenance center, greatly shorten the troubleshooting operation and maintenance service time; Through the whole life cycle management concept of the intelligent platform, the efficient management of unattended equipment is realized.

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