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Smart standard pump room

Smart standard pump room

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Product model: Smart standard pump room

Product Date: 2023-05-23

Brief description: Standard pump room set user perception, energy management, intelligent identification, human-machine interaction, water quality assurance, noise and shock reduction, power supply assurance is equal to a smart standardized pump room.


In order to further strengthen the quality management of secondary water supply, in addition to daily manual sampling and testing, the pumping station can set up online water quality monitoring points, install online testing equipment for turbidity, free chlorine and pH value, and continuously monitor the effluent turbidity, free chlorine and pH value for 24 hours, and transmit the data to the company's data monitoring platform in real time through the remote transmission system. In order to achieve water quality management, analysis and excessive warning, with scientific means to ensure the safety and reliability of user water quality.


The sound insulation construction measures and sound absorption measures adopted by the smart standard pump house, as well as the low noise pump, soft joint and vibration isolation pad, effectively reduce the noise pollution of the pump house; Air flow system and dehumidifier ensure the air flow and humidity in the pump room; The supporting automatic drainage equipment can prevent the pipeline system in the pump room from leaking or bursting and flooding the pump room.


The smart standard pump room makes the water supply "cloud". It communicates with the on-site secondary water supply equipment through Internet technology and data transmission technology, automatically collects all kinds of effective information, remotely transmits it to the intelligent water supply monitoring platform, and gives instructions to the equipment according to the feedback to achieve unattended. Once the water is cut off at home, the platform monitoring personnel can also distinguish whether the water is cut off at the front or end of the pipe network according to the data returned by the wisdom standard pump room, and solve the problem in a targeted way.


The intelligent standard pump room is mainly composed of secondary water supply equipment and intelligent water supply management platform. Information and communication technology is used to sense and analyze the key information of the core system of pump house operation. Effective integration of a series of systems, such as energy consumption management, intelligent identification, human-computer interaction, water quality assurance, noise reduction, shock reduction and power supply assurance, to achieve intelligent management and operation of the water pump room, provide strong technical support for healthy water use, stable water use, efficient water use, extend the service life of secondary pressurized water supply equipment, avoid the risk of water pollution, reduce the leakage rate, achieve environmental protection and energy saving, Further improve the refined management of the secondary water supply pressurized pump room.


In order to have more in-depth research and technology for the smart standard pump house project, we set up a research and development center; China Intelligent pump room R & D test center, integrated comprehensive monitoring platform and collection platform, timely analysis of data, integrated display. We have a platform for strict functional testing and fault alarm simulation for each set of factory equipment.


Make each set of equipment fully meet the requirements of use at the factory. It is the industry's leading intelligent test platform.


Intelligent pump room R & D test center has advanced data analysis capabilities and automated testing technology. At the same time, it has the ability of environmental adaptation and water quality detection and analysis.


The Smart standard pump House project uses information and communication technology to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system operating in the pump house, and make intelligent responses to various needs such as equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring, water quality analysis, data storage, noise control, and energy saving control. Its essence is to use advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the water pump room, and then provide a strong technical guarantee for healthy, stable and efficient water use.


In the future development of secondary water supply equipment, we will work hard in six modules: stable water supply, efficient water supply, safe water supply, healthy water supply, water supply environment and professional management. Stability, high efficiency and safety are the basic requirements; Putting forward the concept of healthy water use, paying attention to the water supply environment, and professional management are the development direction of the theme of "Make water flow more wonderful".


Core advantage:

(1) A platform: All the data of the pump room is transmitted to the intelligent operation and maintenance platform through the intelligent collection box, which has a business modeling, completely open, and no boundary expansion platform.

(2) Four dimensions: safer, smarter, more energy efficient and more standard.

(3) Five centers: the construction of data center, emergency center, operation and maintenance center, operation center, call center.

(4) Nine systems: secondary pressurized water supply system, waterlogging and drainage system, low-voltage power distribution system, remote monitoring system, security monitoring system, environmental monitoring system, divided water supply system, water quality testing system, maintenance management system.

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