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ZS Direct Drinking Water Equipment

ZS Direct Drinking Water Equipment

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Product model:

Product Date: 2022-06-08

Brief description:

With the rapid development of modernization, environmental pollution, especially the pollution of the water environment is becoming increasingly serious, coupled with the secondary pollution of the water supply network, the safety of drinking water for end users has seriously affected the health of residents.


Top ten systems:

1. Front system

Liquid level interlocking automatic control system operation

2. Pretreatment system

Reduce turbidity and remove impurities such as suspended matter, colloid, hardness, organic matter and residual chlorine

3. Security system

Protects core components from damage

4. Membrane group system

Core components for preparing direct drinking water

5. PH adjustment

Adjust the PH of the produced water to make the water sweet and delicious

6. Sterilization system

Remove bacteria and prevent bacterial growth to ensure water quality

7, Pump group distribution system

Variable frequency and mass water supply

8. Circulatory system

The circulation of the production water pipe effectively prevents the growth of bacteria

9. Automation system

Automatic control, early warning guarantee, one-click hosting

10. Monitoring platform system

Platform remote monitoring, real-time water quality online monitoring


Ten-stage filtration

1. Multi-media filter

Reduce turbidity, remove suspended solids, colloids and other impurities

2. Activated carbon filter

Adsorption of water odor and residual chlorine

3. Softening resin filter

Lower water production in India

4. The membrane front 5μm security filter

Protect critical components from damage

5. 1μm security filter before the film

Protect critical components from damage

6. PO/NF module

Core components, reverse osmosis/nanofiltration water

7. PH adjustment filter

Bidirectional PH regulation

8. 1μm security filter behind the membrane

Prevent leakage of filter material

9. Backwater fresh-keeping filter

Deodorization and odor removal, fresh water return

10. Return water 0.22μm security filter

Sterilization by filtration

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