About Us

Nanfang Smart Water Technology CO.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NFZS). NFZS is located in Hangzhou Linping Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a set of product research and development, production, sales, service as one, to provide users with integrated solutions for drainage and purification of comprehensive service manufacturers, in the large and medium-sized cities in the country has established more than 100 sales service institutions.

NFZS aquatic products involve the construction and renovation of water plants, shielding pumps, secondary water supply equipment, non-negative pressure pressurized pumping station, direct drinking water equipment, rainwater collection and utilization system, sewage lifting, oil-water separation, integrated pump gate, integrated prefabricated pumping station, integrated sewage treatment equipment, etc. The product series involves the whole water circulation system from water intake, water production, water transmission, water purification, drainage and water treatment. 

NFZS will pursue perfection with innovation and enterprise, build brand with integrity and strength, establish perfect production management, quality management and marketing management system, and realize the optimal combination and distribution of enterprise resources to a greater extent. Make unremitting efforts to become an international advanced integrated service manufacturer of integrated solutions for supply, drainage and purification!