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Diesel Engine Fire Pump Set

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Set

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Product model:

Product time: 2022-04-27

Brief description:

Product description:

Motor drive, diesel engine drive (water cooled, air cooled), NFPA20 standard skid unit.


Technical parameter:

Diesel fire pump set

Flow range: UL: 500-8000GPM; FM:500-4000GPM; CCCF:20-500L/s; NFPA20:300-8000GPM

Head range: UL:100-190PSI; FM:100-190PSI; CCCF:0.42-2.0Mpa; NFPA20:60-300PSI


Scope of application

Large hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, supermarkets, commercial residences, subway stations, railway stations, airports, various traffic tunnels, petrochemical plants, power plants, wharves, oil depots, large warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises and other occasions.

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