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NDS Series Horizontal Multistage Split Pump

NDS Series Horizontal Multistage Split Pump

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Product model:

Product time: 2022-04-28

Brief description:

Product description:

1. the pump shell is horizontally separated on the axis line, the upper part is the pump cover, the lower part is the pump body, the inlet and outlet are on the pump body below the pump axis, the impeller is symmetrically arranged, and the axial thrust is automatically balanced without complex balancing mechanism. The seal of the pump is mechanically sealed. The center line supports a separate pump foot structure, the bearing body adopts an air-cooled structure, and the two ends of the bearing are equipped with a fan outside each side to facilitate heat dissipation.

2. The basic configuration of the shaft seal is mechanical seal, and the pump body adopts a centerline support structure. The standard configuration of the bearing part is air-cooled oil-lubricated bearing part. The driving end adopts sliding and bearing radial force, and the non-driving end is configured with two angular contact bearings and one plain bearing. The impeller is set to balance the axial thrust with the same number of impellers on both sides.

3. The pump adopts the axial split structure maintenance is convenient, just open the pump cover can be, while the sealing ring adopts the split structure makes the maintenance more convenient, the replacement of the sealing ring does not need to remove the impeller can replace the sealing ring, do not need to remove the import and export pipeline.


Technical parameter

Flow range: 200 ~ 2400 (m ³ /h)

Lift range: 100 ~ 1200m

Ambient temperature: -4 ~ 200 ℃


Scope of application:

It is used for seawater desalination, oil field water injection, oil refining and chemical process feed, energy recovery, oil pipeline transportation, and can also be used for mine drainage and municipal water supply.

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