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NSC Series Single Stage Double Suction Split Pump

NSC Series Single Stage Double Suction Split Pump

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Product model:

Product time: 2022-04-28

Brief description: 

Product description:

1, the pump is divided into two kinds of horizontal installation and vertical installation, the pump shell is separated horizontally on the axis line, the upper part is the pump cover, the lower part is the pump body, the inlet and outlet are on the pump body under the pump axis, the impeller center line and the axis is vertical, the pump seal can be filled seal, can also use mechanical seal. High temperature medium open pump adopts center line support structure.

2, the bearing part is generally installed for grease lubrication bearing part, high head pump and high temperature hot water pump for thin oil lubrication bearing part with water cooling jacket structure. The sealing form of shaft seal includes packing seal and mechanical seal.

3, can use lubrication and shaft lubrication, pump stable operation, high efficiency area wide. 


Technical parameter

Flow range: 60 ~ 21600 (m ³ /h)

Lift range: 12m ~ 200m 

Ambient temperature: -4 ~ 160 ℃


Scope of application:

Water supply, power plant circulating water, hydraulic engineering, farmland irrigation, urban heating, industrial and mining enterprises water supply and drainage, various industrial processes.

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