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ZSIW intelligent integrated water plant

ZSIW intelligent integrated water plant

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Product model: ZSIW

Product Date: 2022-04-06

Brief description:

Intelligent integrated water plant operation and maintenance platform

1. Big data collection

Water pump, fan. Operation status and water level of power equipment such as dosing device. Remote data transmission of instrument parameters such as water quantity and water quality.

2. remote monitoring and scheduling

The cloud monitoring platform is used with mobile devices to achieve on-site fault alarm and man-machine integration of on-site remote monitoring mode, intelligent equipment operation, safety and energy saving.

3. Operation and maintenance data analysis and storage

Create the device information file according to the device digital model, and the user can manage it according to the need. Realize the whole life cycle management of equipment, such as information management and personnel management.

4. water quality standard monitoring

The platform has strong compatibility, supports access to third-party water quality testing equipment, and realizes 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, configuration, operation management, and emergency command.


Equipment introduction

ZSIW intelligent integrated water plant is a water purification equipment independently developed by South Intelligent Water, which integrates standard water plant technology and supporting equipment. It has the characteristics of short construction period, less comprehensive investment, small footprint, excellent water quality, automatic operation and maintenance, intelligent management, and automatic control, automatic dosing and other functions. It is a new type of water purification equipment that saves water, electricity, labor and land, and provides a more scientific and reasonable scheme for the construction of small and medium-sized water purification stations such as water supply for villages and towns, industrial and mining enterprises.


Application scenario

1. To the river, river, lake, pond, spring and other surface water as the water source of the village water supply independent industrial enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises and other small water supply and purification projects

2. For earthquake and other natural disaster emergency water

3. Suitable for small and medium-sized cities, towns from the art plant or urban water purification plant construction

4. Suitable for temporary large-scale engineering construction site water

5. High purity water, beverage industry water, boiler water and other water reuse projects


Equipment characteristics

1. Integration of ten systems, customized process integrated front system. Pretreatment system, security system, membrane assembly system. PH regulation system. Sterilization system. Pump group distribution system, circulation system, automation system. Monitor the system, conduct full field research and evaluate the water quality of the source, customize the flexible treatment process to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

2. 10-level filtration, all-round water quality protection

It combines multiple media. Activated carbon, softening resin. Front 5μm security, front 1μm. RO/NF membrane group. PH adjustment, 1um security after the film, return water preservation. Return water 0.22um security filter, all aspects of the process filter design, effectively ensure that water quality standards.

3. High recovery, high preservation technology application water recovery rate of up to 75%, concentrated water can be designed to be recycled and reused to achieve zero emissions, the application of recycled water preservation treatment technology to achieve deodorization, the use of membrane separation and secondary sterilization filtration technology to remove harmful substances up to 99.5% or more.

4. Establish predictive model, automatic precision dosing

On-line water quality monitoring technology is used to monitor the incoming and outgoing water quality in real time, and the operating data of each process section is monitored online. Bidirectional big data integration analysis, using genetic algorithms. Trend analysis and other methods to establish a prediction model, intelligent prediction of dosing time and dosage, saving manpower and dosage, fully ensure the safety of water quality.

5. Highly integrated design, fast one-stop delivery

Prefabricated in factory, highly integrated and modular. Standardized production, the overall design structure is compact and occupies a small area. The overall construction period is short and the investment is small. Low return on investment, easy transport and quick installation to meet the needs of quick one-stop delivery.

6. Cloud edge cooperation unattended, full life cycle management through the deep integration of cloud and edge computing, the effective implantation of intelligent algorithms, the full application of big data monitoring platform real-time online unheard monitoring of various processes, real-time feedback of the operation of remote operation and maintenance, to achieve less or unattended, full life cycle management.

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